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August 25, 2005 - 10:46 a.m.

Okay, this one is amusing enough that I will join the fray. So when you Google �

Kyneburh is �
Search does not match any documents (somehow I am relieved by this)

Kyna is �
Kyna is on the air. (random but okay)
Kyna is a mouse picture, with 17 sexy photos. (WTF???)
Kyna is synthesized by the transamination of L-kynurenine (L-KYN). (okay cool, geeky but cool)
Kyna is happy to be back home amongst friends and most importantly, family (I can follow that logic, easily)
Kyna is an endogenous glutamate receptor antagonist, which shows an uneven
distribution in human brain. (y�all are still following this right?)

Kymber is �
Kymber is a licensed member of the Utah and California Bar Associations. (eep!)
Kymber is HERE. (where else would I be?)
Kymber is a female prisonguard in the Kentucky system (well I suppose one should always consider alternate careers?)
Kymber is trusted. (Gee, that is a terribly nice thought)
Kymber is a nice person to boot. (Too bad I am wearing slip on shoes today, eh?)

Well, now I am truly alarmed, how about you?

So, not too many updates of late. There really hasn�t been too much update worthy to tell. I have been making a slow march, very slow march, through a series of mind numbing home improvement tasks. You know the list that everyone has of things that should get done eventually but aren�t important enough to do with any sense of urgency? Yeah, that list. Well I typed the list, categorized the list and hung it on my office wall. Did I mention that the progress is painfully slow?

Well if nothing else it does give me something to focus on and occupy my time with as I continue to live with the cast (4.5 more days for those of you that are counting, oh wait that is just me). Post- cast I will have some yet to be determined amount of time where I get to live with a rigid splint on the arm so still no going back to things like EMS, a real work out or other fun. But at least I can take a quality shower!

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